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B A T H R O O M   B E F O R E


Condo Renovation

Next was the paint - I've been using Aesthetic White by Sherwin Williams for all of my reno projects lately, love it! If you have the option, I suggest painting before installing new floors, because you can be as messy as you want without having to cleanup all of your paint splatter. 

​L I V I N G   R O O M   B E F O R E

B A T H R O O M   A F T E R

First things first for the living room renovation, I rented a Jack Hammer for about $70 a day at a machinery rental company and demoed all of the tile. Busting up the tile took about three hours by the time I had to let my hands rest from the vibrations of the Jack Hammer. Honestly, demoing the tile wasn't as bad as I thought it would be because of the machine! It was the disposing of the tile and thinset dust that was more of a job.


For the kitchen, I gutted EVERYTHING. I found some inexpensive, preassembled cabinets at SouthEastern Salvage, measured my space, and bought the cabinets that gave me the look I wanted - there was a lot of sketching and re-sketching designs before I found the exact layout I felt would work. As far as appliances go, I installed a regular refrigerator - the one that came with the condo was compact and didn't have water and ice, which meant I had to run a new waterline from the sink to the fridge. And I had to splurge on a slide-in stove, since I wanted an open feel. The one thing that wasn't trashed was the existing tile, since it was in a wet area; I just used a bleach and baked soda mixture to cleanup the grout. Obviously, new granite, sink, faucet, and pulls to finish off the look.

In order to sell a home quickly, floorplan is king, and I knew my space had the ability to have that open concept feel with a few minor changes. So I measured and cut out the size opening that I wanted between the kitchen and living area. I did have to hire someone to frame out the wall because it was load baring, and I didn't want the ceiling to cave in. But by opening the wall partially myself, I allowed the crew to see exactly what they were getting into - less chance of added cost at the end of the project.

​L I V I N G   R O O M   A F T E R

K I T C H E N   A F T E R

For the shower, I found a tile paint at The Home Depot that allowed me to give the look of a brand new tiled shower without the cost or hassle. To see my painted shower tutorial, click HERE​.

K I T C H E N   B E F O R E

B E D R O O M   B E F O R E

The bedroom was the easiest space to redo. I tore out the laminate flooring and laid the same hardwood flooring that I installed throughout the rest of the condo - a little paint, curtains, and voilà!

Since I was 11-years-old, I've been replacing light fixtures, appliances, sink faucets, ceiling fans - you name it, I did it. My parents own rental property, and I was free labor. But, I'm thankful for all of the late work nights and hours spent watching YouTube tutorials, because now I can completely transform a space all on my own.

B E D R O O M   A F T E R



I got creative with the bathroom reno. when I was taking down the wallpaper, I realized that there were about three additional layers of wallpaper underneath the flowery mess that was currently up. And the previous owners had tried to remove the other layers of wallpaper halfway, so there were a lot of gashes and nicks covering the wall. Thankfully, I had just taken out the laminate flooring in the bedroom, so I reused it as shiplap to both cover the holes and add some character to the space. To see my shiplap tutorial, click HERE​.