Terra Reeves

The Gift

Life and death are in the power of the TONGUE. Proverbs 18:21

Every morning when I wake up and sporadically throughout the day, I make a point to thank God for the ‘now’. Whatever makes my heart happy, I thank Him. Whatever I may be working through, I know that He has already overcome the situation and given me everything I need to come out victorious, so I thank Him.

So frequently, we focus on the problems in our life rather than the answer. The word of God says to tell your mountain move, and it will move. Whatever obstacle, difficulty, problem, JESUS is the answer. We need only faith the size of a mustard seed to witness impossibilities become our reality. All it takes is Jesus.

Jesus set the standard: on earth as it is in heaven. And if what I’m going through in life doesn’t matchup to His will, I speak to that mountain.

Here’s one of the many times I’ve had to speak to the mountain that was in my way.

I have always been a sentimental person. For years, my dad has left me notes under my pillow, in my basketball shoes, taped to the dashboard of my car, and they simply say, ‘Dad Loves Tay-Wuh’. Believe it or not, I have saved almost every single one. They’re all in one of the drawers to my nightstand, and when I see him, the pile grows. I love thoughtful people.

My dad does special things for everyone in our family, including my mom. For their 10th wedding anniversary, he gave her a new diamond for her wedding ring. My mom has a rule that if you keep the same man, you can change the ring every so often. She put her original stone in a plastic bag in the jewelry box on her dresser, and it stayed there for years.

As I was getting ready to go off to college, I mentioned that having the stone made into a necklace would be the perfect graduation gift. Mom laughed. I didn’t get the diamond. Fast forward a couple of years, I brought it up again on summer break that maybe a sentimental necklace would be a great idea for a 20th birthday present. She still didn’t give it up. After many Christmases, birthdays, and life accomplishments, I never opened the tiny box I wanted to. With time, it became a joke around the house that mom was never going to pass down her engagement stone, and honestly, she didn’t have to. I mean, after all, it's a diamond!

Well, on my 25th birthday, it happened! It was exactly what I wanted, a yellow gold, four prong setting with a simple gold chain, and my mother's original engagement stone. I get easily excited, but there are few moments that match how excited I was the moment I clasped that necklace around my neck.

I wore it EVERYWHERE. To the station. To workout. To church.

On Friday, October 6, 2017 less than four weeks after I had opened the necklace, I was on my way to work and grabbed my jewelry to put on. I made a quick stop at my parent’s office to fill up some pink balloons that we needed for the show. I sat down at my desk, and I had the feeling that something was missing, much like when you wear a ring for a long time and when you take it off, you keep rubbing your finger.

My necklace was gone.

I knew God didn’t want me to lose the necklace that I cherished so deeply. He wants to give me the desires of my heart. He loves me far more than the parents who delighted in giving it to me. This was my mountain.

Initially, I figured I had left it on the kitchen counter while I was making coffee, or maybe I hadn’t picked it up at all. My mind was racing. As soon as I got home, I scoured the house. I opened kitchen drawers, got on my hands and knees in my bedroom sliding my hand over the carpet to see if I could feel it, I even put pantyhose over a vacuum attachment to try and catch it without the necklace sucking up into the vacuum bag.

Weeks turned into months, and still I couldn’t find the necklace.

During this time, I chose to thank God for leading me to the necklace. I knew that He knew exactly where it was, and I truly believed that He was going to show me where I could find it. I would say out loud, ‘Thank you God! You are so faithful. Thank you for giving me my necklace again.” In Genesis, it says that God ‘spoke’ the world into creation. In the same way He gives life, we give life to our circumstances. I knew that if I dwelled on the fact that my necklace was lost and spoke life to that devastating situation, I would never find it. I had a choice to make. I either fixate on my problem and find comfort in others’ sympathy of my loss, or I stand firm on the promises of God. If He determines the number of stars in the sky and calls them by name, certainly He knows where my necklace is.

It was mid-January. By this time, I had not only taken everything off of my desk at work and searched every nook and cranny of my car, but I had done it three times over. I hadn’t told anyone that I had lost my necklace, but I wasn’t dealing with this on my own. I talked to God. There were times that I cried myself to sleep and started to wonder if I would actually find it, but as soon as I felt my mind wandering, I would take my thoughts captive and rejoice that, that which was lost is now found in Jesus’s name!

The third week in February I was on my way to lunch. I was praying and declaring that my necklace was found. I didn’t do this on every lunch break, but I will admit that my prayer life was quite intense during this season of my life. I had just finished my two bean burritos with no onions from Taco Bell and was walking back into the station. I wasn’t looking actively searching or looking around as I made my way to the front door; I just saw something bright catch the corner of my eye. I glanced down at what looked like a piece of glass. I picked it up and brought it inside. As I looked closer and rolled it between my fingers, I thought it could possibly be a diamond, but I did't think it could be my diamond because it wasn't in a setting. I headed inside and made my way to the promotions department. Stan was the only one still working at this point in the day. I showed him what I had picked up in the parking lot, and he told me to try and scratch a mirror to test if it was real. There wasn’t a mirror close by, so I finished up on my computer, left it on my desk, and went home.

The next day, I told the rest of my co-workers, and Mark decided he would smash it with a hammer to see for himself if it was real or not. Men like to smash things, so the mirror scratching test wasn't good enough for him. We all headed to engineering, and Mark grabbed a hammer, placed the rock on a metal surface, and swung with all he had. BAM! As he raised the hammer, we looked for the stone, but we didn't see it. Mark went to place the hammer on the table when we saw that the diamond was stuck in the head… unharmed. Everyone went silent. I couldn't control my excitement; I grabbed the diamond and ran to my car! According to Google, the nearest jewelry store from the station was Lou’s Jewelry in Mobile, so off I went.

As I walked inside, I explained to the owner that I needed to see if the diamond I had was real, so he took it to the back to weigh it. As I waited, I remember feeling a sense of peace that was so surreal, I couldn't stop smiling. I knew God had answered my prayers. The man walked back, handed me the stone, and said, “You have a 1.02 carat diamond there.” I screamed! That was the exact weight of my mom’s stone. I didn’t even care that the other customers started staring. I hugged the owner, which seemed completely normal in the moment, and left the store.

I witnessed a miracle that day and every day since.

The parking lot at my station is not only on a hill, but there are so many tiny stones that it's difficult to walk from your car the the door without looking like a newborn calf. On top of that, during the four-month time period that my necklace was in the parking lot, our area had multiple thunderstorms and I'm certain it was run over by co-workers and guests (and probably me) which is why it was no longer in the setting. It is truly a miracle that it didn't wash down the gutter, or get stuck in someone's tire, or blow into the woods next-door.

I still get chills when I think about it.

God is so good!